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We provide training and certification
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Officially from February 2023 onwards, Penang CPR Society is a registered HRD Corp Training Provider (Serial No.: PPM0110718021998)

Coming courses:

BLS Provider 1-day Course

Date: 23/06/2024

ALS Provider 2-day Course

Date: 15/06/2024 – 16/06/2024

Welcome to Penang CPR Society

The Penang CPR Society is a provider of resuscitation training for healthcare providers as well as the lay public.

For the healthcare providers, we provide training in Basic and Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses; and Basic Life Support (BLS) course only for the lay public. 

We are also the premier trainer of resuscitation instructors providing training and certification for BLS and ALS Instructors courses.


Courses Conducted by Society

Our ALS courses teach Advanced Life Support knowledge and skills using guidelines and materials in accordance to the latest ILCOR recommendations (2020) which is applicable for use in clinical situations in Malaysia.

Our courses emphasize hands-on skills and individualized learning in clinical scenarios which are pertinent to that particular student. Learning to work in teams and in situational conditions that mimic the work environment allow students to rapidly adapt what they have learnt to the work environment.

It is taught in several different modes:-

3-day Full Teaching ALS Course – this is a fully taught course where lectures and skills are taught in person, and made available online for pre-reading and reference. This structure is suited for clinicians who have limited experience with resuscitation, healthcare staff who are taking the ALS course for the first time and final-year medical students.

2-day Standard ALS Course – this is the standard ALS course structure which comprises online materials for pre-reading, followed by direct lectures, skills stations and team training scenarios. This structure is more suited for clinicians with experience in resuscitation or healthcare staff who have undergone the course before, but require updates with the latest guidelines or protocols.

1-day Refresher ALS Course – this is a specially designed course for clinicians and healthcare staff who are familiar with resuscitation skills and guideline protocols, and require a short but highly intense exposure to scenario-based training that concentrates on decision-making and refining their resuscitation skills.

  1. BLS courses for healthcare providers & special interest group
  2. BLS for lay public (Bystander CPR)
  3. CPR and First Aid course at work place
  1. BLS Instructor course
  2. ALS Instructor course

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