Who Are We

The Penang CPR Society is a provider of resuscitation training for healthcare providers as well as the lay public.

For the healthcare providers, we provide training in Basic and Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses; and Basic Life Support (BLS) course only for the lay public. 

We are also the premier trainer of resuscitation instructors providing training and certification for BLS and ALS Instructors courses.


The society officially came into being in the year 1998, on the initiative of the ever dynamic Dr. Ng Siew Hian, who was then the Consultant Anesthesiologist of Pulau Pinang Hospital, together with the combined effort of eleven (11) other multidisciplinary founding members. 

The society has continuously evolved and progressed over the years till to date we have a membership of more than a hundred (100) people, and the provision of resuscitation training in order to save more lives remains our mission.


We aim to achieve a standard of training and competence in resuscitation that will ensure the best possible outcome for patients in cardiac arrest, and to concentrate our abilities to achieve measures that will increase neurologically intact survival in these patients.

We aim to promote the science of resuscitation, increase the knowledge and more importantly the response of the lay public in relation to CPR.

We aim to work collaboratively with national and international partners in translating scientific evidence into current practice, formulation of guidelines, and the improvement of resuscitation training.    


To improve CPR related knowledge and skills in accordance with local and international guidelines or protocol

To provide CPR training to healthcare providers and the lay public

To promote community/public CPR training

To provide training of trainer courses in Basic and Advanced Life Support

To be involved actively in the research and development of resuscitation knowledge and skills.

Our Services

Conduct provider training for BLS & ALS

Conduct training of trainers for BLS & ALS

Participate in community-based programs related to CPR, PAD

Conduct BLS training for charitable organizations

Organize conferences

Provide BLS & ALS manual

Conduct research


Penang CPR Society is an organisation established to promote and provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for both medical personnel and general lay people. Our aim is to prevent the risk of sudden cardiac arrest in the society.

On behalf of Penang CPR Society I would like to welcome you to take part in this resuscitation program. The knowledge you gain and the skills that you acquire through this course will be of tremendous benefit for you to function as a life rescuer. You will use these practical knowledge and skills to save lives whenever and wherever you encounter a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

We have made full use of advancement in the technology to encompass on line teaching method in conducting the resuscitation courses. These on line teaching materials are carefully designed to enhance your learning experience. We hope you will find this new e-learning both interesting and enlightening.

We welcome your constructive feedback after participating in these courses so that we can make further improvement.

Learn CPR to save lives! And have fun!

Committee Members

Our Achievements / Milestones
  • The Penang CPR Society has played a premier role in the development of resuscitation training in Malaysia, and we have been at the forefront of international resuscitation guidelines and protocol development and its adaptation for Malaysia in the last 20 year.

  • As provider of Advanced Life Support courses, we have trained thousands of healthcare providers in the resuscitation skills required for acute care hospital settings.

  • In addition, we have trained in excess of ten thousands lay-rescuers in Basic Life Support.

The table below will illustrate the important historical events related to CPR that that have taken place since the society’s inception:

Penang CPR Society Important Historical Events
  • Birthday of Penang CPR Society

  • The 1st National Resuscitation Conference

  • Training of trainers: Advanced Life Support (ALS) Instructor Course in Penang with Team from Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

  • The 2nd National Resuscitation Conference

  • Updates in Resuscitation

  • The 3rd National Resuscitation Conference

  • Training of trainers:- Advanced Life Support (ALS) Instructor Course in Penang

  • Training of trainers:- The National Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructors Course

  • Training of trainers: Advanced Life Support Instructor (ALS) Course in Sabah.

  • Accepted as Associate Member of Resuscitation Council of Asia (RCA)

  • Founding member of Malaysian Resuscitation Association (MyRES)

  • Representative of Society participated as delegate in The International Consensus On CPR And ECC Science With Treatment Recommendations Conference (C2015), hosted by the American Heart Association (AHA) in Dallas, USA.

  • Mass CPR Carnival in Han Chiang High School, Penang, with 6802 participants, earned The Malaysian Book of Records award

  • Training of trainers: Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor Course

  • The 4th National Resuscitation Conference

  • Acquisition of CPR House

  • Training of trainers: Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor Course

  • To be continued…

Production of Course Materials
NO. Year Publication
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 2nd Edition
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 3rd Edition
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 4th Edition
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 5th Edition
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 6th Edition
BLS Handbook for Healthcare Providers, 7th Edition
The Advanced Life Support Manual – An essential guide to team training in High Performance CPR

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